Viewing Addresses

The administrator may view the spam traps for all accounts (details below), and add rules that apply across all acounts.

You will be provided an administrative login and password. The user name for the administrator contains a ":" (colon). That is a part of the user name, along with the names before and after it.

The administrative section is a bit more complex than the users due to the permissions and ability to view or change each user's information. Here are some tips on admin use.

  • Each email account has its own collection of filtered spam, rules, and preferences. This is called a "stream." You may map multiple addresses into a single stream if one person would like to manage the spam and rules for all of the included addresses. Setup -> Address Mappings. Enter the new address under "Address" and the primary address (which is the stream name) under "Mapping"
  • Important: To apply rules to all streams in your domains, be sure to select the "default" stream, they will apply to all domains.
  • To look at all the trap entries for all your domains, enter stream * and click "View This Stream", then click "Trap Contents"
  • To look at the trap or rules for a particular address, enter the address as the stream name and click "View This Stream."
  • To look at trap for all users within a domain, or some other search criteria, use Trap Contents -> Advanced Query to search
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