Secure Messaging Overview

NOTE: Secure Messaging is an optional add-on. Please contact to add it to your service.

Secure Messaging intercepts outbound email and encrypts it before it is delivered to the recipients. Rather than receiving the original email, the recipients receive a notification that a secure message awaits. The recipients may then read the secure message via the Secure Messaging web portal.

Secure Messaging is configured by creating secure messaging rules to intercept messages that match the criteria, encrypt them and keep them until the recipients log in to view the message. The messages are stored for 30 days before they are deleted (this retention period is subject to change).

The recipients of these messages will receive a notification letting them know that they have a message waiting for them on Spamblock. If they don’t have an account they can create one upon receiving the first notification email.

Secure messaging may be enabled for specific outbound addresses, or for all addresses in a domain.

Two types of secure delivery are available.

  1. Secure Delivery - message is stored in the web portal and the recipient logs in to view and reply.
  2. Secure Delivery, One Time Key - message is stored in the web portal but can only be viewed by using the link in the notification email. It will not show up in the recipient's Inbox (nor the senders Sent box). The message is encrypted with a per-message key encoded into the retrieval URL.

Work with prxy support to set the rules for your domain, and any additional rules for specific users. Rules may be added based on many criteria, including sender, recipient, subject, attachment file names, etc. We also have rules to match credit cards and social security numbers.

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