Samsung Mail App with IMAP

To set up your email account using Samsung Mail, follow these steps:

  1. open Settings

  2. Tap Accounts and backup

  3. Tap Manage accounts

  4. Tap + Add Account

  5. Tap Email

  6. Tap Other

  7. Enter your email address and password, and tap Manual setup

  8. Choose either IMAP or POP3.  We recommend IMAP for most cases. See this link for more information about IMAP and POP3.

  9. Enter the following configuration information:
    • Type: IMAP
    • email format: your email address
    • Username format: your email address again
    • Incoming mailserver:
    • Incoming Port: 993
    • Outgoing mailserver:
    • Outgoing port: 465
    • TLS/SSL required: Yes
  10. Your email account should be set up and ready to use.  If you need more assistance you can submit a ticket here or contact us by email at,  or by phone at (408) 850-8111.
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