Getting Started with Spamblock


The system provides spam and virus filtering, and allows email users and domain administrators to allow or reject specific addresses or domains, or create rules based on other characteristics of a message.

Getting Started

If you want to spend the least possible time on spam, all we recommend is that you watch for the daily notifications that tell you what has been filtered. If you notice any errors, just click "Accept" next to the message to have it promptly delivered. That's it! But there is much more available, so if you want more details, read on.

The web interface also includes a simple interface to whitelist (Always accept mail from...) and blacklist (Always reject mail from...) addresses on the Home page, along with a list of the pending messages that are suspected to be spam.

Log in here:
Log in with your full email address (such as and email password.

NOTE: Even if you normally login using only the user name (such as "support") you must log in to Spamblock with your full email address (such as "").

You may review and fix mail that was improperly filtered as spam yourself through the web site. To view suspected spam and make other changes to the filters or spam filtering preferences, please log in to the spam filtering web site.

More Information

Most pages have a yellow bar near the top with "(Show Help)" for a summary and "(Online Documentation)" for detailed instructions.

You may also review the other articles in the Spamblock section of our knowledgebase.


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