I still got spam! Now what?

If spam gets through the Spamblock filter to your inbox, you may wish to:

  • forward the spam to: missed-spam@YOUR-DOMAIN
  • If you are familiar with looking at the headers of messages, you'll find a header called "X-Antispam-Training-Spam:". You may paste the web link on that line in yor web browser to train the spam filter that the message was spam.
  • Have spam training links added to the body of your messages by logging in to the spam filtering web page and clicking: Preferences -> Stream Settings, then scroll down to Bayes Settings and pick a setting for line S-2500 "Add links to messages to train Bayesian analyzer":
    • Inline - adds training links to the end of the message
    • Separate-Part - adds training links stored in a separate HTML part rather than placed in the original message text.
    • Plain-Separate-Part - adds training links in a separate plain-text part (recommended for proper display in Outlook).
Please note that legitimate newsletters and other mail sent by an individual with a legitimate personal or business relationship to send you email, that you no longer wish to receive, should not be reported as "missed-spam." Instead, follow the unsubscribe instructions or contact your IT department for assistance.
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