Whitelisting and Blacklisting in Spamblock

To whitelist email addresses or domains in Spamblock, you will add them to the Always Accept list.

  1. Log in to Spamblock https://spamblock.prxy.com
  2. Enter an individual address on the home page under Accept and Reject List. The popup menu should say Always accept mail from... to whitelist, or be changed to Always reject mail from... to blacklist).
  3. Click the Add button for each address entered.

If you'd like to whitelist or blacklist multiple addresses, use the Bulk Entry.

  1. Log in to Spamblock https://spamblock.prxy.com
  2. Click menu Rules and then Bulk Entry.
  3. Enter a list of addresses, one per line
  4. Select your action from the popup menu at the bottom, usually Sender: Always Allow or Sender: Always Reject
You may also allow or reject a complete domain. Please be cautious with this option, since it is easy to reject large domains and lose email you want, such as gmail.com or yahoo.com.

You may not accept or reject email from your own domain. Please contact us at support@prxy.com if you would like to update your domain to help avoid forgeries.

If you have whitelisted an email address, but emails from that account are getting caught in spamblock still, please send us an email at support@prxy.com with the address that should be whitelisted.
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