Reducing email storage

You may always upgrade storage on your email account. Please contact us to request an upgrade. You'll find our email account sizes summarized for domain email accounts and personal email accounts.

If you prefer to delete email to free up space, here are some tips to select emails in webmail.

First, please log in to webmail at using your full email address and your email password.

In webmail, you may select a range of messages in a folder by clicking the box next to one, then shift-click the box next to another and all the messages in between are also selected. You may select all visible messages in a folder by clicking the selection box in the heading bar, above the other selection boxes. Or shift-click to select all messages in the folder, including those not visible in the list yet.

These searches that may help you find messages you wish to delete.

  • You may search for old emails by using before: in the search bar, such as:
  • You may search for large emails by using larger: in the search bar, such as:
  • If you'd like to remove the large attachments from some of those large emails, but keep the email content, you may remove an attachment by clicking Remove next to the attachment name in the list of attachments.
  • You may sort the message list by size in any folder by clicking the Size heading (if you see the smallest emails, just click again to reverse the sort and see the largest).
  • You may sort the message list in any folder with oldest messages first by clicking the Received heading (if you see the newest emails, just click again to reverse the sort and see the oldest).

After you have deleted emails, you must empty the Trash folder to recover the space. Either right-click the Trash folder or click the small triangle next to the folder name. Select Empty Trash from the menu.

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