Sharing Folders (email, contacts, calendar)

Sharing and managing a Calendar folder from Webmail:


You can share folders to other email accounts in your domain, including contact folders, calendar folders, mail folders, and briefcase folders through our Webmail portal.


Log in to the email account that has the folder that you want to share at


Click on the Preferences Tab, then click the Sharing option on the left hand sidebar.


Scroll to the bottom of the Sharing options, and find "Share a folder." Select the folder type that you want to share, and then click "Share"


You will see a pop-up that displays the available folders of the type selected. Choose the folder that you want to share and click on OK. Selecting a folder will include all subfolders as well.


On the Share Properties screen, leave the Share with option set to Internal users or groups, and type the email address for the account you are sharing the folder to. You can enter multiple email addresses here separated by Commas if you want to share the folder with multiple accounts.


Set the appropriate role. Viewer roles can only see the items in the folder with not ability to create, delete, or change items. Manager and Admin roles are similar, we recommend in most cases to give the Admin role if the user that you are sharing the folder with needs to be able to make changes, add or remove items from the shared folder.


Allow users to see my private appointments is an option in the Calendar sharing version of these settings that will show events marked Private in the calendar folder you have selected.


Send standard message for this share, and click OK.


Once the share has been created, the other user will need to accept the share. Ask that they log into their account in our webmail, open the message notifying them that a share has been created, and click on the Accept share button on the email.

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