Email Domain Account Storage Quota Report

Starting September 5, 2022, we began sending weekly reports to alert email domain administrators when their domain's users approach their account's storage quota. These reports are only sent if at least one account in the domain is over 85% of the account's storage quota. Email administrators may request additional reports at other thresholds, any percentage from 0% (lists all accounts) to 100% (full accounts).

The emails are sent to the distribution list address quotareport@domain which is initially set to send to domainadmins@domain which is a list of all users with email administration privileges.

An email domain administrator may edit this distribution list, either adding more addresses, or removing the domainadmins@domain address and specifying all of them. You may also contact our support for assistance, please use the Contact Us link on this page.

Each report covers one domain. If you have multiple domains, you'll see the domain covered by the report in several places -- the From address description, the Subject, a header at the top of the email, and at the top of the Email column.

The columns in the report are:

  1. Email username (the portion left of the @)
  2. Usage as a % of total quota. This is color coded to quickly spot full accounts.  
    • 98+ red
    • 90+ orange
    • 80+ blue
    • under 80 green
  3. Storage, total used in gigabytes (GB)
  4. Quota, total allowed storage in gigabytes (GB)
  5. Status
    • Active - normal state, access and receive email
    • Locked - may not login (can't receive or send email), new incoming email is received (stored in account normally)
    • Lockout - like Locked, except this was caused by too many failed logins
    • Closed - may not login and email sent to the account is rejected
  6. Last Login, the date the account last logged in using any protocol (e.g. web, IMAP, SMTP)
  7. Account Type, name of the account which specifies the features, see details

As accounts near their quota, please help your users either clear out unwanted emails, or upgrade their account.

We also offer advise to help clear out unwanted emails, see reducing email storage.


There are many phishing attempts and other scams using email quota as an excuse for you to log in to your account. Our emails do not include any link to log in, and all come from our main domain.

Here is an example:

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