Windows Mail Setup instructions for Exchange/ActiveSync

Open the Windows mail app. You can find this by typing Mail into the search bar found by default bottom at the left of the screen.


Click on the three horizontal lines in the top left of the Mail window, then click on Accounts.


On the Right of the Mail window, you will see the Manage Accounts menu. Click on Add account.


Choose Exchange from the Account Type list.


Type your full email address into the text box and click next.


Then enter your Password when prompted and click Sign in.


The application will then ask for more information. Email address and Password should still be filled in. Click on Sign in, leaving the other text boxes blank.


You will see an error "Something Went Wrong." Click on Advanced.


Fill in the following server settings:


Email address: Your full email address, should already be filled in.

Password: Should also be filled in.

User name: Type your full email address again, this should match the Email address field.

Domain: Leave blank


Check the box for Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection

Account name: again, should match the Email address field.


Click sign in. The account should be set up. If you see any error messages, check to make sure there are no typos in the settings, and try to re-type the password. 


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